Looking to meet some people? Me too!

  • Hey, what's up? I'm predemocracy, and I'm just looking to make some connections with other people who are as passionate about music as I am. I listen to a lot of hip hop, and some lo-fi. I'm also interested in fashion, so if you're into that let's talk!

    What genres of music do you like?

  • How's it going man? I'm Kenny. I love hip hop primarily but i appreciate anything that sounds good, especially been into psychedelic rock lately. I'm into films, animation, tech, gaming, and fashion is a budding interest.

    Nice to meet you!

  • Hey Kenny! Who are some artists you listen to? Do you prefer western or eastern animation?

  • @predemocracy lately I've been listening to a lot of Chance, Frank Ocean, Tame Impala, Radiohead, just a mix match of stuff lol.

    As far as animation goes I have a soft spot for anime, but I really love both. I always wanted to write scripts for kid's shows cuz I think they teach kids so many important things subtly and effectively so shows like Adventure Time and Avatar get my respect for blending adult themes in and introducing kids to very real parts of life

  • @Kenny I love Chance, Frank, and Tame Impala are so dope. I have a lot of friends who are into radiohead, but I never could get in them. Even though some people don't consider it anime, I love most of studio ghibli movies. I never really had cable growing up, so I've never really watched a lot of western animation besides Pokemon.

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