i spent the last 2+ years creating a project

  • my name is Justin. i'm from connecticut, but i'm currently in florida. my artist name is "jg." i recently turned 20 and i attend Full Sail University. i am a rapper, beat maker, audio engineer, videographer, graphic designer, and basically my own manager. i'll be graduating in a month.

    over two years ago, i decided to zone in on creating a project that could display my growth as both an artist and a human being. it's titled "play this at my funeral." and it is an ode to my development as a man as well as a tribute to my late friend / brother Bugsy Malone, who committed suicide at the age of 18. he was the best rapper i personally knew. we were in a group together called Cold Blooded that i have since left. this is one of the songs from my project.

    this project is my heart, my life, my everything. if you enjoy this song, it would mean the world if you gave the rest of the project a listen.

    here is the full project:

    all love.

    twitter - @_myfuneral
    instagram - @_myfuneral

  • @jg

    I'm fucking with blue light, so I'ma peep the rest of this. Good shit.

    Also I wanted to go to Full Sail University but my mom slapped the shit out of me and said she was only paying for regular universities, so that makes us like spirit animals or some shit.

  • @Van-Buren much love my g. i hope you enjoy.

    & lmao i feel that. what did you want to go for

  • @jg

    I wanted to study music production but now I study communications and spent two years doing gen eds. Life is grand lol

  • @Van-Buren damn bruh lol fuck it, i'm here for recording arts. it's cool

  • @jg

    thats dope man, hopefully you learned some valuable info that'll help you once you graduate. I've actually made some good connections at my school for music surprisingly so I can't complain.

  • @Van-Buren no doubt, & that's good to hear dogg. that's one thing i had trouble w here. they sell you on networking when you tour the school, but i've had a hard time doing it myself. maybe i ain't do the greatest job of reaching out, but i feel like the fact that FL is such a tourist state has a lot to do with it. that and the fact it's a two year school. everyone is here one day and gone the next.

    i still feel like i learned mad shit that i wouldn't have known before, and it's definitely helped me perfect my craft. i'm real happy about that

  • @jg

    Yeah networking at a two year school is probably harder because people just have that "get in and out" mindset, it was like that when I did a semester at community college. But that's why I appreciate the 4 year university, it has more of a community vibe and people are all about making connections. Its also not oversaturated with artists so its easier to stand out. I've been able to build up a decent rapport by doing shows on and around campus so people know me in the area which is pretty cool.

  • @Van-Buren exactly, that was spot on. at the very least i leave w a bachelors but i don't feel like this was the greatest networking experience. and that's wassup, that definitely makes sense. more time to grow w the people around you. i will say tho, the time i had w/o much networking gave me a lot of time to myself to perfect my music and try to get the best product possible completed.

  • @jg

    Yeah the bachelors will help you out in the working world. And having that time to yourself to refine your skills is valuable. Now you have something to show for when you do get yourself into a a good networking situation.

  • UPDATE: here's a music video i did for my song "howifeel. (prod. foisey)"

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