Has Kid Cudi strayed too far or can fans not handle experimentation?

  • SBTH was a huge disappointment to a lot of people including me (although after attending his SBTH tour the songs are performed very well live) and Cudi hasn't stopped defending his new style and doesn't seem to be backing down. Although songs like the frequency and Goodbye show that Cudi can still do the MOTM era sonic and vibe that most people began following him for I'm not convinced PPADS will come back to that. Cudder seems to be taking the fans into less consideration especially after announcing MOTM 3 probably won't happen. What direction do you think Cudders sound will go in from here?

  • @KidMundo kid cudi is my favorite artist and I'm an artist myself. I've fucked with Cudi's whole discography. Cudi's progressive style has helped me and others like Kanye, Travis Scott, ect. I think it's more of the fans not being able to handle who he is as a person because the content of his music hasn't really changed the beats just changed wit time which I don't think is a bad thing

  • To me he comes off as fake alternative lol like he thinks he makes ground breaking music but he really doesn't...idk...i dont like the guy. I got sick of him real quick and dont even understand how people werent sick of him crying about how hes the lonley stoner for like 3 albums

  • As a fan of Cudi, I understand from the jump all the pre G.O.O.D. Music changes (artist etc) over the years and seeing that a lot of his influences as material was in fact used among other artist, I think it fugg with his mind and artistry forreal. I've dreamed of waking up in the morning ans seeing a Plain Plat twitter saying MOTM3 is complete. But only in my dreams, the fact that he's gonna be on that show Empire this season hurts my heart lol. But I think us as true Cudi fans have to understand that Cudi has evolved so much in front of us that we only focused on the big things and not the little, we get different styles of Cudi, we saw Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven as his own therapy, the last couple joints are good, but he's not really doing it rapidly as we want it to be. I always tweet at Plain Pat or Mike Dean like Wuddup?

  • I think he just needs more outside artistic direction than his ego will let him admit. AKNC, MOTM1, MOTM2 were all great, and then he went increasing downhill from WZRD to Indicud to SBTH. But as soon as hes put on tracks like Father Stretch My Hands it sounds like he never really left...

    Being honest with yourself and identifying your strengths and weaknesses are an essential part of growing as an artist. But so are failures so as long as he keeps progressing and trying to improve thats great.

  • I don't think he'll ever be on the level he was at with Man On The Moon 1 & 2 again. He has had some brilliant songs, and a few good projects, but a lot of his stuff now is touching on a little bit too "experimental" and genres he isn't used to and isn't as good at. WZRD had a few good songs, as did Indicud. Speeding Bullet To Heaven was by far my least favourite, but even then, I played a few songs for a while.

    I still like Kid Cudi, and a lot of his stuff, so I won't bash him the way so many people do now. But yeah, he's definitely fell of a bit.

  • @rjmahesh he was working heavy with kanye heavy on 808 & heartbreaks which was a big transitional period for him. His artistry is just him being him

  • @dizzygordo well said!

  • I feel like Cudi's too much of a wild ball to try and figure him out. Regardless of the sound, I feel like I'm still going to support him as long as I can find that trace element of Cudi that got me through all these years. MOTM 1 & 2 are still in heavy rotation for me, and everything else is cool and has its moments where that's the sound I want to hear, even SBTH. I just want to support Cudi, like his music has supported me and helped me out all these years.

  • huge cudi fan. I think fans are really entitled and don't understand the chaos it is to be a great artist. And it's all there foreal dat new new has guitar riffs. like this was coming. Im honestly so proud of my nigga for taking that leap of faith and doing the live band thing (and he recorded on tape) I like live instruments with grit, didn't really like wzrd for that reason. 808s and heartbreak was received the same way and it became one of those things that turns into a living memory.

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