Show Down of The Century - Simon Adebisi vs Omar Little ( Who Wins)

  • So when you home eating one of the finest edibles! and your skeed outta your mind, you think of cool shit or some off the wall why did I think that type shit. Well here is one for you fools . Adebisi ( Oz) or Omar ( The Wire) Who is top Goon?



  • Omar 100%. He robs drug dealers.

  • Thats true, but.... He also got popped by a kid, Adebisi was smart and savage, Omar had principles, but did his pride/ego get him popped or thats life for you?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I think the fact that Omar's fate was determined by a child, whose innocence withered due to his circumstance, adds to his allure. I don't think it undermines Omar's power at all. Plus, his showdown with Brother Mouzone in the alley is the coolest.

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