James Blake

  • A thread about one of the most unique artist right now. (imo)

    Best song and album he has made?
    Who would you compare to him?

  • @Liszy_love Retrogade ofcourse, I know it's his most popular song but it definitely his best. Nothing on The Colour in Anything can top it. The Colour in Anything is still a great album though.

  • I prfer the first album because I thought it was more elegant in its sparseness. There's something about the deconstruction of the chords and the constant build up. He said he wanted to move deeper into songwriting so I understand how the music has changed, but his writing's earlier repetitiveness gave way to much more interesting...I dunno, musicality? Its feels like he went from making music to writing songs.

  • I like all of his stuff but the klavierwerke and cmyk ep are the best stuff he released. For me: the electronic, post dubstep james blake > the soul james blake

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