Chance the Rapper Grammy Nomination? Thoughts

  • first of all, chance is amazing. i think he's one of the most all-around talented young artists right now. not only pushing his own music, but pushing the bigger movement of independent success and breaking barriers of that nature.

    now.. this is what i'm wondering. if chance scores a grammy nomination for coloring book, do you feel it's legitimate? he himself was very instrumental in trying to get the grammy organization to include streaming-exclusives in their considerations.


    and once that petition made it's way to the grammy's and became allowed (like him and s many others knew would happen, i'm sure) he then went and made his own campaign ad in hopes to get noticed for a nom


    and all-in-all, he's become the poster boy for independent music's mainstream representation. again, i'm wondering, would you feel a grammy nomination after all of this would be just? i'm a huge chance fan. i've followed since 10 day. but i can't help but feel like if he manages to get a nomination, it'll be a bit 'token' of them. he was already the first indie act on SNL. the first indie act to do an apple exclusive album (if i'm not mistaken.) it would only make sense now that he would finesse a grammy nomination as an independent artist as well, right? he wouldn't be the first indie artist nominated, but i'm sure he'd be the first nominated for a streaming exclusive independent album.

    just my thoughts on it. what do you guys think? and again, this is in no way to discredit chance. he's amazing. it's just that at this point a lot of his feats are becoming expected. maybe he's just that great.

  • I think so. He has a really different vibe and has been doing the indie thing for a minute. Coloring book was far from anything i heard released in hip hop in the last 2 years. Blessings to chance. 🙏🏽

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