PREMIERE: Moses Mosima returns with "DRKSHDS"

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    Moses Mosima follows up his month old debut with "DRKSHDS" and it is nothing short of what is to be expected of him. The young emcee recently released a mixtape titled "Babies" via MTV.

    Although most may confuse Moses for an R&B singer, but his music seems to be taking more of a Trip Hop direction with touches of Urban Contemporary. His new song "DRKSHDS" is a bit more aggressive and blends gritty vocals and haunting production.

    Since his debut, Moses has been trying to create a buzz all over Philadelphia performing at various venues and halls. The HBC artist is making it quite obvious that he has no intentions of leaving the public eye.

    The engineer, Heaven In Stereo joined self-producing Mosima to create his new song. Making it's internet debut, please listen to "DRKSHDS" below:

    Artist Name: Moses Mosima
    Single Title: DRKSHDS
    Producer: Moses Mosima
    Engineer: Heaven In Stereo
    Twitter Handle: @moses_i_suppose
    Artwork: @rileyofhbc


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