New Artists on the Rise: Chaz French, Neeko, Sam Fleming, Reg Mason

  • Chaz French:
    A new D.C. based artist who raps about the struggle, and finding purpose. He has worked with the likes of Wale, GoldLink, and even Rick Rubin. Check him here:

    A new Canadian based artist, Neeko creates music similar to The Weeknd and Travis Scott. He alike Chaz French is blowing up on soundcloud.
    Check him here:

    Sam Fleming
    A fresh Richmond based artist, Sam Fleming has a sound that is a mixture of J. Cole, Travis Scott, and Andy Mineo. He is gaining mass popularity via soundcloud and twitter, and is associated with Chaz French, Caydrik, Deraj, and Reg Mason.
    Check him here:

    Reg Mason
    A young 17 year old rapper based out of New Jersey, Reg Mason is catching peoples ears with his gritty rap and hard sound. he has already started a new movement called "VibeWorld", which is giving him an edge in the game.
    Check him here:

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