IHATEYOUSHEED Embarks On His Champagne Campaign With "Do What I Want Freestyle"

  • Do What I Want Freestyle
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    IHATEYOUSHEED embarks on his champagne campaign with Packman produced "Do What I Want Freestyle" following his previous record "Pinkboi//Thottie".

    The single is hosted by Astro 8000, a popular DJ in the Philadelphia music scene.

    Sheed linked up with FreshsZ, another artist on the rise out of Philly, providing ad libs to Sheed's vocals.

    Artist Name: IHATEYOUSHEED
    Single Title: Do What I Want Freestyle
    Producer: Packman
    Twitter Handle: @IHATEYOUSHEED
    Artwork: @rileyofhbc

    Management: RileyofHBC@gmail.com

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