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  • Hello im a 14 year old producer trying to make a footing into the music game. Ive been making music for like 7 months and my DAW is Logic Pro X & Fl studios. I'm Just looking for people who will give feedback on my beats and who might enjoy. Okay good day feed your cats peace and love!

  • pretty chill, needs more diversity but it's good for relaxing or background

  • I'm gonna agree with @Graphinity in the sense that you need to switch it up a little bit. Try working with longer loops (4,8,16 bars) and more layering of your instruments. Get some reverb in there too. I know you're only 14 but if you can get 100-200 bucks and go buy some plugins to help step your game up, you'll be on a good track. Look at IR-1 Reverb and FabFilter Twin2 Synthesizer. Two of my faves. Good luck man, keep workin!!

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