Lil Yachty: "There's a lot of old MCs that just don't really have much respect for these new school rock stars."

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    Here's a twist... Recently Yachty came under fire for not respecting Biggie, but now Yachty feels like older MCs should show respect to the NEW rappers. I agree. I think Yachty and Uzi have always made a point to admit that they're not "bar rappers," and just like to turn up. Let the kids cook!! What do you guys think?

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    I'm paraphrasing, but Vince Staples said something to this end last week: "if you show up to play on a basketball court, you should know how to play basketball." I'm totally down with rap moving in new directions and opening up new lanes, but regardless of whether they deny the title of "rapper," Yachty & his peers are a part of rap culture, and will be expected to know how to rap as long as that's still the case.

    Then again I'm of the mind they're fully trolling and are aware that antagonizing old heads like this will get them more press than any song ever will.

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    @Graham If we're talking basketball though, to me it's like Yachty and company are playing the game completely differently. Maybe they've got sloppy form and poor athletic ability, but they're still scoring more than anyone else on the court. The point of music isn't to be technically skilled, it's to make good songs that connect with people. The best, most creative, or most popular artists are not rap prodigies and guitar geniuses. I think people still look at rap a certain way because it's young and we haven't seen artists abandon the foundation this drastically before, but look at punk rock. If kids who sucked at guitar and couldn't sing a note, just screamed and made loud noise.. if they didn't come around and shake things up, we wouldn't have ever gotten bands like Nirvana and the Pixies. I honestly don't see why people can't look at Yachty, Thug, Uzi, whoever as the punk rock phase of rock. It's not about skill, it's about attitude, style, youth, disruption.

  • @Jacob couldnt agree more with that analogy. That was impressive

  • @Jacob Agreed, but I dunno if Uzi and Yachty are executing on the level of bands that set up Nirvana and the Pixies. Maybe Sremmurd is

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