• I know you like Mars you buggin to even mention the only artist that never will get his just due of influences on the off beat rapping. To us it may have been that way, but to the masses of New Orleans rappers give Silkk The Shocker his respect. I'm Pittsburgh, Pa so I grew up on No Limit and so much more, but Silkk always stood out to me, I remember riding with Unc and him blasting the hell outta No Limit artist. But Silkk was one of my influences on how to rap off beat but on beat at the same time and that's not a easy task. His first album " The Shocker was one of the most underrated albums, if you got apple music or spotify or what go listen to all Silkk shit and trust me you won't be disappointed! 0_1471032756577_The_Shocker.jpg

    To be on a indie label who sold 75 Million records and you was on there with a bunch of artist and Master P is on all his artist Cd's featured like 6 times, it was hard for Silkk to outshine anybody but he kept it soooooo TRUUUUUUU. Plus No Limit has the record for most artist on a Label. Sorry Cash Money. LETS NOT FORGET CHARGE IT 2 DA GAME EITHER BANGERSSSSS...

    Notables to Listen to The Shocker :

    1. "Murder" (featuring Master P and Big Ed the Assassin)
    2. "I Ain't Takin' No Shorts""
    3. "No Limit Party" (featuring Master P and Mia X)
      4." My Car"
    4. "Why My Homie"

    Notables to Listen to: Charge It 2 Da Game

    1. "I'm a Soldier (featuring Master P, C-Murder, Fiend, Mystikal, Mac, Skull Duggery, Big Ed the Assassin, Lil' Gotti & Mia X)"
    2. "Just Be Straight With Me (featuring Master P, Destiny's Child, Mo B. Dick & Odell (producer) "
    3. "You Ain't Gotta Lie to Kick It (featuring Mia X & Big Ed the Assassin)"
    4. "It Ain't My Fault (featuring Mystikal)" ( CLASSIC)


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    "one of the most underrated" sounds crazy. he sold a lot of records on a very popular (and profitable) indie, but as an actual artist? he wasn't doing anything truly crazy. he's properly rated in the grand scheme of things IMHO

  • @khal not everybody was on this wave at the time, I mean sure there are a lot of underrated artist at that time, but when I listen of influence man, its scary, the flows we hear today are of what people couldn't stand him for, to be honest he don't get no credit in anything I mean Mystikal of course and still is one of my favorite from they group but Silkk was different like on some I could talk that hood shit because this my environment but the message was clear, he not top tier artist but def to the culture of influence du-rags and all that, his influence was nice in the game for that time, he played his part

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    well i think that's why he's properly rated. he definitely had an, um, unique flow, that i guess you could say was ahead of its time, but his actual personality and bigger records didn't resonate quite like a Mystikal or even Master P. i remember Silkk because i watched Rap City and read The Source and XXL and was up on all of it, but if you looked at just the mainstream, his records didn't connect outside of the lovers of No Limit.

  • @khal very true, and Mystikal just was a savage he had it, but Master P was on every track of his artist, down south Diddy but really on every track, I was watching one the No Limits movies the other day and was laughing my ass off, and yeah personality was something we ain't see, like they didn't have DVD's of them doing stuff or nothing but mainly I loved his ear for beats also. Like No Limit had good producers for they time indeed.

  • This may be random, but I'm part of a duo. We were given a record deal by silk the shocker. He has a company ShockWorld Ent. Check out our sounds and let me know what you guys think.

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