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  • Inline image 1Hello my name is Gabriel, I'm the manager for Original Manu who is a new upcoming indie artist based in Charlotte,NC. I did do research and I do keep up with you guys. Manu is from Miami,Fl. I'm also a Carol City native although I do reside in Charlotte,NC. I love the Carolinas and I do appreciate all the love you guys show Denzel curry, the twelve'lens, and the Kodak blacks of Florida. Manu's music is Pop Rock, R&B Dance. His parents are from Haiti so there's a strong feel of groovy dance feel to his music. Either you can rock to his music or wine to it. Influences from Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Drake style, Ed sheeran style of music when listening deeper. I'm presenting one of Manu's songs from his EP entitled FLAWED. This Song is called tomorrow. Tomorrow is a free spirited or liberating song. A feel good song with a serious tone. His youth is what really brings the song out. Smiling in the face of frustration. A powerful message. In times where our American society is facing conflicts. Manu is a 19 year old black male singing with his guitar. About how he sees life going for him. The ups and downs. Regardless "he'll be good til tomorrow". Manu has travelled all over the east coast since a toddler. His story is simply too deep for an introduction but it's something we all can relate to. Wanting out and wanting in. Wanting out on all the BS and unnecessary things we rather not, and wanting in on everything we dream about. Being real successors and not failures. Pursuing happiness. For Manu, it's all about the music.

    I sent you private links to Manu's debut EP and video. His EP releases on the 24th of this month so you can hear actually two tracks of his plus his video before anyone else does. The second song is called Deny You. Nice urban dance song.

    I'd love to get an interview out of this for Manu. He's a fresh face. But we didn't come out of nowhere. We've been in the works for nearly a decade. Hopes are high. In my opinion, Manu has the team to make him the next big thing.
    We hope you to hear from you in hopes to answer more questions. Enjoy!

    Website: http://theoriginalmanu.com/

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