Will you still defend Kanye at Thanksgiving?

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    The man is obviously going through some things right now, but the line between troll, genius, and Trump sympathizer is blurred beyond recognition. When he inevitably comes up at Thanksgiving dinner and Aunt Sharon calls him a talentless idiot again, who's still standing up for Kanye?

  • I will politely tell Aunt Sharon to turn Facebook the fuck off and return to her VHS Recordings of the Jagged Little Pill Tour

  • Honestly I think that the backlash against Kanye right now is ridiculous. He is clearly going through something and needs support now more than ever, but because he broke down in front of an audience he is being ridiculed? Meanwhile everyone and their grandmother is coming out to show support for Kid Cudi, no one is even considering that Kanye might be going through something real.
    Granted Kanye has a reputation of saying ridiculous things, about a year ago he said in that interview that he thought racism didn't exist, but I still think we should be showing love instead of just pulling out support.

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    @Sol_EQ Jagged Little Pill was a great album

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    I will. I just know there will be some extreme hot takes from relatives who don't know anything outside of the headlines they read, and my gut reaction will be to step in and defend. And then I'll continue to dig in and as the whiskey-ginger count rises, eventually lash out until my uncle has to ask me to leave... again.

  • Hahaha 😂 @Jacob Bouta be right there with Aunt Sharon 5 drinks deep hittin"You Oughta Know" acapella

    0_1479851565822_Dinner Scene.png

  • yup cause my mans is sick and you can't necessarily fault someone who is sick.

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