Great Artist Have to Work Harder - Slater The Genius "Krypton 93" is the new "Cadillactica"

  • Hey hows it going, im an artist out of the DMV area. i randomly found your instagram and think what you all are doing is dope. would love to perform at one of your events!
    I just dropped my latest project on the 21rst. i would love for you to at least listen to the first two tracks. itll take you to outer space for sure.
    I do music because i love it. im addicted to growing and getting better an artist.

    I use to suffer from anxiety and depression really bad until i found my outlet and what i make clears my mind and takes me off the planet, which is why i called the tape Krypton 93. id love for you to catch a vibe with me and venture into the unknown. cant wait to hear back! thanks

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