How Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles" Became The Soundtrack to the Mannequin Challenge

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    Jacob did an interesting interview with Interscope and Pizzaslime. Turns out they were behind the scenes pushing "Black Beatles" as the official song for the mannequin challenge. Now the song is No. 1.

    Just curious what you guys think about this...

    I for one am fascinated. That's really an advanced marketing move for a label. I'm excited but nervous to see what's next, because now I'm going to question every meme and think it's an ad.


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    @John It's good content, regardless. I think it's smart and fun and the Mannequin Challenge was an organic thing that people enjoyed, they just figured out how to attach a song to it. Win-win. More labels should hire young, internet-savvy kids to run marketing. Way more fun and effective than 99% of campaigns in music right now.

  • @jacob & @john Pizzaslime may have been one of the first in the music industry to harness the power of virality with such success. I predict that we will see a rise of these type of campaigns in 2017 and beyond. Case in point: Derrick Milano's "Play Wit It" is close to it's first 1m plays thanks to this tweet.

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