Clarence Clarity is a modern-day genius.

  • Dude takes genres, disembowels them, mixes the guts together in a blender, then serves it fearlessly. He truly molds sound into his image. And his mixes are an experience to listen to (if he does his own mixing too, then he's definitely a genius; magnificent clarity, no pun intended, personality/character, and sheen). His #aesthetic is unique as well, as evidenced by his videos, tweets, Instagram, etc.

    I feel like dude should've been huge already, but then again, I could see how he might be too far away from the conventional to really catch on with the masses, despite having what I think are pretty noticeable pop undertones. Either way, I think it's a shame that he's not bigger.

    Tl;dr - I think Clarence Clarity is a once-in-a-lifetime talent, all the way around.


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