Gucci Mane's Wedding

  • We don't really have the space for fan fiction on P&P anymore, but it can live here in the forum (and in our hearts).

    I started this (very dumb) fan fict about what I imagine being a guest at Gucci Mane's wedding would be like. Feel free to add to the story by replying to the thread.

    I walked in to the room where all of Gucci's groomsmen were getting dressed. The mood was calm and jovial, nobody was too loud or wild. In one corner there was Young Thug, his back to me, outfitted in a large fur jacket. "Jeffrey!" I yelled. He turned and I saw he too was wearing a white dress. I smiled. That fashionable son of a bitch. Always one step ahead of everyone. He pulled it off in such an effortless way that I didn't have the heart to tell him nobody besides the bride should be wearing a white dress at a wedding. He nodded a hello at me, and then turned back to his friend who was filming him for Snapchat. "How I get that rainbow mouth tho? Somebody get me that rainbow mouth," he asked to the room.

    Finally my eyes found Gucci himself. His shoes were shined, his tux perfectly fitted. He looked like a king. Then my eyes met the top of his head and only confusion entered my brain. There, on top of his head was a Santa hat. I walked over to him. "Guc, what's with the hat? You're not going to wear that IN the wedding, are you?" I asked cautiously, careful to not upset him but also suspiciously enough that he could sense it might not be a smart move. "No no," he said, his brow furrowed as she shook his head. "I just wear this when I need to think, you kno? It centers me, makes me focused and calm. Real talk, I wrote Trap House 3 wearing this santa hat." My mind reeled. Today was going to be a day for the ages.

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