• the subject of the proposed bars must be about chick fil a inc. be creative.

  • My friends want a chic, but they live a life of sundays.
    Thirsty kids want tricks, putting rims on their hundai.
    Waffle fry teeth, leaning hard in the pic like they know me.
    Boy y'all don't know, my momma barely knows me.

  • chick fil a to go
    they pray that i aint know
    these chickens had feelins and are filled up with GMO's
    Makin me fat.... shit i better leave the sto
    I been workin in the gym but my titties still steal the show :(

  • i can’t live without Chic-fil-A’s waffle fries,
    so going to the gym weekly a lotsa times be my compromise,
    driving passed that chicken logo stops my eyes, then i hops inside,
    doctors shocked-surprised like you gon POP! you better drop in size,
    i said “i rather spend my time shopping for tops to buy
    cuz the love i have for that chicken box and sides i can not describe.”

  • you know I’d eat your ass like a chicken sandwich
    the food may be fast but shit baby I can manage
    I’m closer to chick fil a but you work at truett’s
    gotta stop by and say hey, you laugh cause i’m smiling stupid
    me and you alone, that’d be my pleasure
    when you get off, hit my phone, i’m down for whatever

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