Music Industry Congratulates Trump, Asks for Consideration in Open Letter.

  • Hours before Trump met with a dozen or so tech executives, the collective music business of America penned an open letter asking for consideration. In it, they requested Trump make good on the ideas he outlined during his campaign.

    Trump stated:

    "With the rise of the digital economy, it has become even more critical that we protect intellectual property rights and preserve freedom of contract rather than create regulatory barriers to creativity, growth, and innovation.”

    In the letter, there was a line in particular that struck a chord:

    "...there is a massive “value grab” as some of these corporations weaken intellectual property rights for America’s creators by exploiting legal loopholes never intended for them..."

    This is clearly a dig at streaming services that exploit the DMCA's Safe Harbor provision which indemnifies 3rd parties (such as SoundCloud) against infringement lawsuits.

    What do you guys think? Do you guys think Trump will do anything to reform IP laws in the USA?

    Article written by @Joyce :

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