Little City, Big Dreams

  • Not all of us hail from cities with major metro areas like Chicago, NYC, and LA where there is a lot of opportunity for exposure. In major cities the talent per capita is much greater, but that doesn't necessarily mean better. Lets show some love to the talent out there that is on a mission to flourish beyond the confines of their small hometown and reach as many citizens across the globe as they can.

    I'll start it off with a rapper, Tino Cruze, that has developed tremendously and is starting to gain momentum since he migrated from the midwest to the west coast. Upon his arrival he linked up with a skilled team of producers and has prepared simple, yet enjoyable visuals that compliment the tempo of the song very well. The Video has generated 50k+ views in the span of two weeks. Give his music a listen and post some artist that you know that are in the same boat as him.

    Tino Cruze - Sober (Visuals)


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