Writing the Frank Ocean 'Blonde' blurb for best albums of the year

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    This is intimidating. I've thought about this album a lot and listened to it obsessively, but what more is there to be said about this album? Any ideas? Any thoughts? At this point, what do you want to read about 'Blonde'?


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    just make a lot of puns, ppl love puns. the possibilities are 'endless' ;)

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    I'm sure u spent many nights trying to write this, and it sucks u gotta do it solo, but i still think thats pretty sweet of u. ur a good guy. but just be yourself, stop getting distracted by looking at your facebook story, and write something about white ferrari being amazing. godspeed.

  • i think hearing more about each (known) contributor and what they contributed would be awesome. i seen an update on james blake/kanye/beyonce involvements, but learning more info on that would be awesome. the elusiveness of frank makes it hard to speak on, but also adds to his appeal and more easter eggs to find in his work.

  • Blond is a very good album and Frank has always done a job of his lyrics. He writes with his soul and a different eye than most, abstract almost. I honestly have Blond in my top two this year. One of the few albums I can play from beginning to end this year. You got it though, whatever you write about Blond is going to be Gold.

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