trying to make do with Garageband and an iPad

  • Hey all check out my new track, called Hanlon Pool, performed and produced by myself, HotSamosas, and my man Chi-Connec. We did this on Garageband and an iPad. We went for a raw vibe with Chi-Connec playing a 3 minute guitar solo improv haha. We wanted the song to be a little childish because it is entitled after my community pool, where I learned to swim, but at a young age I was afraid of the water. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Aye this song is pretty dope. I like it. started off loud had to turn it down. good job though

  • This was really impressive, @hotsamosas. I was pleasantly surprised with your vocals, and I thought the song, from lyrics to overall sound, was really chill, relaxed and reminded me of summer. The guitar wasn't amazing, but wasn't bad for the improvised solo it was, and it did capture that raw sound you were going for. Also, it was well produced considering how it was all put together. Keep this kind of stuff up and I'm sure I'll be hearing more from and about you in the future.

  • got something good going here

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