Ca$hier Fresh - WATCHOUT/FOREIGN (Official Music Video)

  • 2016 has been a great year for us. Cashier Fresh recently signed to VOID MUSIC GROUP as the first artist on the label. The SoundCloud hit recently surpassed 100k likes and for that we had to celebrate. Rev up your vehicles and WatchOut/ foreign... whoa damn.

    Click here to listen to just the song.

  • this joint bumps

  • @Graphinity Thank you very much, feel free to share it. Happy Holidays to you!

  • Hey @CashierFresh Cool joint, wish it played a bit longer! But I do enjoy listening to this track and it instantly makes my head bob. So that's a great sign. My question is, how can you make sure to avoid the label "Soundcloud Rapper"? Do you have a story or background of some kind? Something that can drive conversation around your brand as an artist? Otherwise, you could get pigeonholed into that. Your music is down so I would just focus on your story as an artist a bit more and see how you can start a conversation around it.

    Congrats on signing to Void too! Feel free to write me or send music my way for feedback:

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