Can Chance the Rapper ever top Acid Rap ?

  • Chance is by far my favorite artist and I love the direction his music is going. I just wonder if he made another "acid rap" type album could it top the original?

  • Well yeah, its just music. People simultaneously take it too seriously, and not seriously enough. No artist should set out to top themselves cause its self defeating, plus music is not a linear path that ends with the best. I dunno, these questions are weird to me. Acid Rap, as it were and as most music is to me, is a musical expression of his life up till that point. A snapshot, something that could only exist because of that specific time and place and etc. So to me that question is like "Will Chance ever be at a point in his life where he can produce a project like or better than Acid Rap?"

    And to answer that question: Fuck if I know.

  • I never heard it lol is it about lsd?

  • I guess some may even argue he already has... WillyHolly really said it well though... art is not -or shouldn't be- predictable like that. I do believe Chance is a very promising artist who surely will give us a lot of awesome music throughout his carreer.

  • @WillyHolly couldn't have said it better, the music really just captures the time that he was in and who knows honestly if he will make an album with the same sound.

  • he'll for sure drop a better project but fans will have a hard time admitting it's better than acid rap bc high standards and such. every artist goes thru this. you can drop an amazing project and fans will still compare it to your old work and say it's not good enough. jay z said it bestttt "niggas want my old shit, buy my old albums"

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