Hadj & Damien The Architect are the BEST you've never heard

  • Hello,
    I'm Hadji Thompson. Our team has a new single titled "How You Do That" by Damien The Architect and Hadj, from an upcoming project "HEY!", that'll be released early January.

    We have grown great interest in your blog in the last year and would love to have the single be featured on your site.

    It would be incredible for you to take a chance on this single, I have the utmost confidence this single and project is massive.

    Twitter: @General_Hadj

    Thank you

  • Hey @Hadj I agree. P&P is pretty dope. Hats off to them for creative a dope blog and community. Why'd you delete your twitter bro? I was about to follow! Anyway, yeah this is really good. You guys have been working on this music for sometime I can tell and that's great. I'm excited to hear the EP drop, The only feedback is that I would try to use a different song for the single. Just my two cents! Otherwise, really dope song. Would love to hear more, feel free to connect and send music my way: marcus@91mgmt.com

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