(Young) Anunnaki - Nibiru

  • What's good y'all. I'm 18 and I used to just produce (@Alex_is_based is my production account on sc) but then I decided to start rapping. I just kind of threw this song together but I've been improving and I got more music on the way. <3

  • Hey @AnunnakiWorld I hear this style going around a lot on the soundcloud community now. It's a pretty chill sound, don't know what I would label it. I do like the line "started from the bottom like bikini" that was funny, so props. Cool how you kept going with the whole sponge bob thing for a little bit. Very relatable. More artists could benefit if they used relatable lines like that in more of their songs. Also like the "Yeah" Usher dub. Haha. I can tell you're a creative dude and that could take you far. Keep it up, would love to hear more music and give feedback, send some more tunes here: marcus@91mgmt.com

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