oHIGHo - JON SCOTT & ROB FELLMAN (need feedback ASAP)

  • prod: rob fellman

  • Hey @cole, neat username by the way lol. So, is the song about taking hits from an apple? Is the track called "Bad Apples" or "oHIGHo". You see I am confused here, so that's the first thing I would say. The cover art needs to match the song, or else your audience is going to get confused off jump. The beat is pretty repetitive and uninteresting as well. But you guys can rap, for sure. I think your music would benefit with a little more attention to detail and also from figuring out your identities as artists as well. I like the Kid Cudiesque vibe near the end of the song though. Keep working on your music.

    Would love to send more feedback as you release more music, send some tunes here marcus@91mgmt.com

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