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    Crazy? Genius? Idiot? Attention hungry? Troll? LET ME KNOW

    What do you think is going on with the modern day Disney/Jobs/Jackson?

  • i think that he's a very flawed, but genuine human being.

  • For me, he shows real approaches in life. Some people may downright hate him but I like him for being real.

  • Truth be told Kanye like many other artists is at his greatest when he is speaking through his music. For me not only as an emcee but as a FAN, I sometimes struggle watching whats going on with him because if it weren't for the TV SHOW and all the other BS that he -willingly or unwillingly- chooses to be apart of; he would be the JOBS of our generation no questions asked. I personally love the Art - music, production, music videos, etc. - that he puts his name too.... My personal opinion is that his intentions are GOOD (no pun intended), but the fact remains that at this point of his career he is such a polarizing figure that the only options one is given is to see him as GENIUS or IDIOT, CRAZY or REFRESHINGLY AWARE, ATTENTION HUNGRY or USING HIS FAME as a platform to speak truth. Innately for those that understand what it is to be "aware" there is also the understanding that when you do so there is no returning to the "norm" or "the shit you used to do" and I truthfully feel like Ye' is caught in that place of knowing what is real but also understanding that "DONT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT SHIT"- what with everybody trying to turn up on Tuesday after sipping lean with they trap queen.

    Either way I don't subscribe to putting people in a box and categorizing them so its a push... idk he's all of the above and some other shit. hahaha

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