"PATRICH" aka "King of Flex" - This rising STAR should be on your radar!

  • PATRICH is a self-proclaim "King of Flex"! His music has been described as not the stereotypical down south rapper. PATRICH's fashion sense and uniqueness are reflected through his in your face flow which consists of "stuntin & flexin" focused rhymes and hard-hitting beats
    2016 has been an AWESOME year for the music of “PATRICH” aka "King of Flex"!
    2017 is set to be even better!

    Since making his debut, less than a year ago, he has performed at several venues and opened up for Chief Keef, 21 Savage, and Wes Walker.
    Below are links to a few tracks, all of which (including videos) can be found at www.patrich1500.com

    1. "1500" is a seriously catchy song that has received awesome feedback from audiences of all ages.

    2. "London," is the definition of a melodic and smooth "flexin" song

    3. "Movie," is raw and energetic rhymes that is commanding presence on a fast beat.

    4. "Magic," is a hard-hitting and melodic, with an amazing play on words.

      Email: flex @patrich1500.com

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