Self-Produced & Engineered Artist from Chicago: Max Witt

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    Max Witt, aka Max Alexander—artist, songwriter, and producer. Originally from Mo County, Maryland he resides in Chicago with his family. At only 22 years old, he’s a highly educated student of the game and described as “A Breath of Fresh Air” by all around music lovers and conservative hip-hop enthusiasts. His sound is memorable and unique. He doesn’t boast of a gritty street upbringing nor is he cliché in the overuse and allure of strippers and cash. Rather, he sinks deep into your conscious seducing you with sultry beats, quip metaphors and the confidence to believe every word he spits.

    Listen To The Day Before Yesterday EP on all major streaming platforms:

    Utilizing the music production skills he learned while attending Loyola University’s School of Business, he understands the professionalism and management of the business, adding to his rarity as a hip hop artist and further signifying his brand. With a “Do It Yourself” spirit, he is the epitome of grit - change, editing and directing his own music videos and launching his own advertising campaigns. Not to mention, writing, producing, recording—as well as mix and mastering countless singles for himself and other Chicago and national hip-hop artist on the horizon, amassing thousands of downloads and growing his brand. Along with his in-house team of creative photographers, graphic designers (Jack Gambro Design) and videographers (BrandonHolmes.Media), they collaborate creatively on the production of videos and the concepts for all web design, and artwork for video and print. Still not impressed (not sure if necessary), he designed, built and records in his own studio complete with equipment, sound engineering, and acoustics. A long way from, and—not too long ago—humble beginnings of recording on a cell phone and a tape recorder found in his mom’s basement.

    Max Witt’s latest project, a 11 track EP, entitled Yesterday Is Tomorrow, a collection of songs and sequel to his last album Some Day Soon is nearly complete and slated for release early 2017. Expected to be his career defining album he spent some time finessing auto tunes and focusing on the details of the tracks so that those listening intently in their living room heard the same hard hitting powerful beats and lyrics as someone in the club. Yesterday Is Tomorrow, is a play on “Yesterday Is Now”, a jazz album recorded by his grandmother Josephine Beavers and tribute to his late grandfather and mentor Bob Beavers. The breakout singles include will include “California Dreamin’” and “La Nue Wave”.

    Other past projects include the 7 track EP Almost There and the 2015 13 track recent release, Some Day Soon, described as deep and dark, energetic yet uplifting. The success from this album has been incredible, receiving rave reviews from bloggers and local magazines.

    After years of grinding, Max looks forward to producing hit music, perfecting his talent and growing as an artist and producer. One quick Google search of the artist Max Witt finds you countless mentions on blogs, videos, performances and links to download his music.


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