QuakeBeatz - "Triple Double No Assist" (Album)

  • I named this 'Triple Double No Assist' because I produced, recorded, engineered, and rapped on this project. I'm a producer first so I featured my brothers on most of the tracks. They are all artists that I'm developing and believe in. I want to break them into the industry. I'm always trying to make the hardest beats I possibly can, so I hope ya'll like what I did on the production. On these songs, I'm speaking from the heart. ​Whether it be​ discussing ​​​gentrification, talking about​ ​my aspirations,​ my work ethic​, It's all from the ​heart​.​ I wrote a song for the​ ​people of​ ​San Francisco on there called "A Message to the Techie's"​ ​discussing gentrification from the perspective of a young SF native.​ ​I ho​pe​ you guys​ ​give me a chance and checkout the project.

    Thank you

    • QuakeBeatz

    ​Triple Double No Assist


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