whatUwaitin4 (Prod. Cash)

  • The title of this track is "whatUwaitin4"
    The artists featured are Cash, SoO and Ez
    The beat is produced by Cash

    Here is the SoundCloud link >>>>

    I will attach the cover artwork to this email... designed by our official designer Rafa @pelkz7077

    This song is special because we originally recorded it to a beat produced by Penacho last December in the basement of Buck's house... Buck, a good friend of the Fourth Coast family, had been charged with growing marijuana and was on house arrest while he waited for his sentencing date. Since he couldn't leave the house we decided to build a studio in his basement and that is where the first official Fourth Coast recording studio was made... With only one cheap microphone, a couple free studio recording and beat making programs, and a lot of hope we created Many classic hits while he awaited his court date.... after sentencing Buck received 3 years and is now serving his time in prison.

    6 months of having the vocals recorded to whatUwaitin4 Fourth Coast's chief engineer and producer Cash made the decision that he wanted to remake the beat to whatUwaitin4 and use it to kick off the summer following the release of #UNOpapi....

    Here's a quote from Cash....

    "At first I thought I would just get the tempo to the record, make a whole new beat using that same speed and then have the guys come back in to rerecord their verses. I was wrong though.... Even with me being the engineer who recorded everybody the night we laid down those vocals, I still didn't think I could catch that same energy that I knew would be vital to making this record work. So I bounced the vocals from the original session recorded to the Penacho beat and imported those same vocals into a new session I had started making the whatUwaitin4 beat in. As things started to line up I finally got that feeling we were headed in the right direction.... the funny thing is... I didn't start remaking the whatUwaitin4 beat until about 2 weeks ago. That goes to show you that even if you record a track and it doesn't hit the way you want it to at first that it  doesn't mean it isn't a hit...... 6 months ago whatUwaitin4 had potential... now it has polish." - Cash

    Another fact about this record is about 3 days before the release of whatUwaitin4 I, Cash, was diagnosed with a ear infection. I literally couldn't even move from my bed because of the pain. It has been a week since then and I still can't hear out of my left ear. I ended up having to produce, mix and master the whole record with my right ear only.... the reason for this was because I knew that the feeling of the song was a beginning of summer type vibe. It had to drop. Whether my hearing was 100% or 50%... it didn't matter... we needed this to lift the spirits and get our fans ready for what is to come of the whole Fourth Coast family as we get into the summer of 2017...

    Artists featured:

    Cash - @cash7077
    SoO - @SoO7077
    EZ - @EZGSamSmith

    Producer of beat:

    Cash - @cash7077

    Designer of cover artwork:

    Rafa - @pelkz7077

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