LIV † "5 Summers" >>>WHATS GOOD?!

  • If you're a person who actually cares about background.....

    What does "5 Summers" mean?

    Although its a short EP, I for reals have been working on it for 5 summers and I thought it was fitting to be as real as I could throughout this work including with the title.
    When I graduated from WazZu I thought I would just hit the ground running and go crazy making music, performing, collaborating with other NW artists and quickly found out that the universe had other plans. To put it plainly, life got crazy, I got distracted, discouraged, I got lazy, got my heart broken, and then my father passed away and I sort of was like “fuck it” and gave up. However a few months after that I really started to assess my life and felt like the only way out of the funk was to get through these pieces of work. Each of them represents a place I was at over the past 5 years, its kind of why most of it is kind of dark and or chill with the exception of purple hearts. I reference my dad's death, I reference a few lustful encounters (lol) I wasted time with, I also reference in multiple songs how through it all understanding self-worth and the power tenacity is one of the keys to surviving the bull shit (not sure if we are allowed to cuss lol). Essentially it was one of those moments where I knew if I was serious and music truly meant everything then regardless of the fear and uncertainty, no matter what I had to do it.

    My Favorite song off the project?

    I would say the song “Purple Heart” is my favorite because its almost like the answer to the song “FD” and represents where I am at now :)
    You have to love yourself and F what everyone else says. #Pointblankperiod

    It's for you If you like….
    If you like Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, The Internet, SZA, Anderson Pak


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