Legendary lyricist "Stogie T" returns with two vibrant singles (video included) and a monstrous album.

  • The artist popularly known as Tumi has been synonymous with releasing critically acclaimed Hip Hop music for over a decade.

    Tumi has built himself a great name having performed across the globe in many of Europe's elite music festivals and in auspicious venues no less than the Apollo theatre in New York City.

    Always forward looking and evolving, the former lead of famed Hip Hop band; Tumi and the Volume crowns his return with a new name and sound. Under the moniker Stogie T we see him put out two vibrant new singles 'Diamond Walk' and 'Big Dreams' focused on the aspirations of many South Africans.

    Produced by the prolific hit maker Tweezy, both songs give audiences a first glimpse of the mature and refined Stogie T.

    Whereas Tumi represented an idealistic young black male emphasizing the best of human nature and a yearning for a better world, Stogie T simply represents the world as it is whilst retaining peerless lyricism.

    Twitter: @TumiMolekane
    Instagram: @Stogie_T
    YouTube: TumiVevo and MotifRecordsTV
    Facebook: Tumi and the Volume

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  • Stogie's entire album can be found and be streamed from his official Youtube channel and can also be purchased on iTunes. Please support real talent by Commenting, Liking and Subscribing to MotifRecordsTV Youtube Channel. Please share this amazing talent with your friends and family, neither you nor will they be disappointed. Here are more tracks off the album.

    Stogie T - Pray for Us (Official Audio)

    Stogie T feat. Emtee, Yanga - By Any Means (Official Audio)

    Stogie T - Sub City (Official Audio)

    Stogie T - Funny Love (Official Audio)

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