Ike Goes Two For Two(CHEESECAKE & Recognize)

  • This week I was really inspired to release new music.

    I wanted to create a song that was fun and catchy as well. I made the single, CHEESECAKE. I posted it here:
    Its such a goofy and carefree song, I immediately had a vision for it.
    The next day, I shot the video for it and posted it here:

    Still motivated from the good feedback, I made the single, Recognize, which is posted here:
    This is a more serious concept where I focus on the bars. I don't necessarily see a video for this one coming out but who knows what the future holds.

    Let's see if I can keep the release streak alive. #TwoForTwo #CHEESECAKE #Recognize

    Twitter & IG (@ Ike_nd_Ice)

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