Witness The Dream: hip-hop collective+future label

  • Yo, what it do guys. My name is Blake aka SwampParty and the founder of Witness the Dream. Yes I know the name may sound “cliche” but it’s what my homie, Jalen, and I have been reppin for the longest. It has been our dream to start a label and we are on the way of doing just that. No, we are not little kids looking for a cool “title”, we are in college and actually looking to build something to stay. Right now, we have 1 artist, Southern rapper MRTZ POET. We are in talks with 4 other artists that are interested in joining but need to think it through.

    We want to sort of refresh the rap game. I want to make physical copies of albums dope again. I want to re instill that feeling of opening up your cassette and realizing its a dope transparent emerald color. The feeling you get when you slide out your vinyl and it came with a super clean print. I also want the artwork and designs to be clean. There will be no jumbled "mixtape" artwork, we want the listener to be able to see the picture the rapper is trying to paint and pairing that with the cover art.

    We are trying to create something built to last. We want to help out and bring up the lesser known artists to build a fan base. We will only put out dope vibes. Only good music. I want to also have a variety of artists. We want dope old school type beat tapes we will put out on cassettes. We want dope trap artists. We want rappity rap rappers but also ones to turn up to. We also want some R&B singers, male and female. This isn’t just a lane specific collective, this is a woooooorld premiere(sorry had to throw in that Kendrick jawn).

    I am already in talks with a couple other artists but as I said, we are fairly new. So we are always looking to expand the team and also looking for graphic designers to design logos and artwork for us. Once we make it to where we comfortably in the game, we going to re-pay whoever been on the team or rockin with us, don’t worry.

    So with that all being said, are there any dope rappers, singers, producers, or graphic artists out there you know or are one of them? Lemme know.

    Witness the Dream

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