amazing website s/o to the software developer's team 💻⚡️

  • Hey P&P, 🐦⚡️

    First off I just want to say a job well done on the complete rebranding / concept flow on the site , it came out great!

    With that being said I was curious in seeing if there's a certain forum page or even any other links I could reference on the awesome developers that worked behind the scenes on this project.? Anything possibly ranging from wire framing layout , generating ideas along the way or even the developer's that worked amazingly on this site throughout the past couple of months.

    Hope to hear back soon ,

  • administrators

    @YOURMOBILEGEEK Thank you! I think that could go under the Artist-to-Artist Connections section under the General category. We want that to be a resource for artists and creatives looking for help.

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