FREEDOM - Dreaming of a world ... to inspire the youth worldwide!

  • " We are creating this “Dream A World” movement in spirit of unifying good people worldwide. In those times when hope seems far we must protect the children’s ability to dream. For their dreams are the magic that can change the world. "- Freedom

    Freedom, international superstar originating from Haiti has a new album being released at the beginning of the summer. The first 3 singles released in late 2016 have received major notoriety and publicity. Especially the moving pop single "Dream a World", which was featured on CNN, AXStv, World Star and more. “Dream A World” is a very powerful and moving music video containing amazingly breathtaking images created to bring focus on the tragic state of Haiti's youth and adults alike. With this he hopes to inspire others to continue reaching for unattainable dreams and aspirations. Also all focus on shining light on todays youth struggle in Haiti, Jamaica, USA,... WorldWide.
    We need as many people to show love to this movement that we can get. Please pass it on.

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