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    2nd Video off the Tone Dogg Raw album OPTIMO, Nature Boy was obviously inspired by the raucous promos of the famous wrestler the title of the song takes its name from.

    Tone Dogg Raw - "Nature Boy" (Produced by Duke Westlake)
    Performed and written by Tone Dogg Raw
    Beat by Duke Westlake
    Audio mixed and mastered by EQ - Out the Ashtray of LA
    Directed by LeftRight Creations (
    Video Production by Checkmate Films (
    Director of Photography Jordan Pulmano
    Featured talent:
    Bufftastic Biggie IG: @socalbiggie
    Ayona the artist IG: @ayona_theartist
    Elizabeth Johnson IG: @elizabethloveslife
    Natalie IG: @romo_nat!

    To contact us anytime:
    FB: @doggmauno
    TWT: @doggmauno
    IG: @doggma1

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