What's the best Kanye West album?

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    The College Dropout
    Late Registration
    808s & Heartbreak
    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    The Life of Pablo

    yeah yeah obviously MBDTF is an incredibly special album, but yeezus is so unique. it's not just a rap album, it's an incredible futuristic mess of electronic production and an angry kanye. plus the tour was * gucci mane voice * mind-blowing

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    @Alex-G You know I love Yeezus. I would never say anything bad about Yeezus. It's jarring, compact (10 songs), and a screenshot of a time when Kanye was at his angriest. It's fantastic.

    BUT! (Stephen A. Smith voice)

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a masterpiece and the one Kanye album I would take with me if I could only ever hear one again. The timing of it, his exile to Hawaii to create it, the rap camp... we'll never get another album like this from Kanye West ever again. Everything else will be similar to Pablo imo. He's a family man now. He has so many other focuses. He could make another Yeezus, but MBDTF was the last time he had the chance to hole up in Hawaii and focus only on the music for months. MBDTF is the best Kanye West album.

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    I admire your list @Alex-G I just had to let you know that you accidentally crossed off 808s & Heartbreak!

  • Gotta agree with Yeezus. It was the album that got me into Kanye, and it's one of very few albums to truly blow my mind immediately on first listen.

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    @Alex-G I think MBDTF is Kanye's best album, but College Dropout might always be my favorite. That was before I sold my car and moved to NYC, and I have such good memories of driving around Virginia listening to that. It went against everything mainstream hip-hop was at the time, and hearing shit like "We Don't Care," "Never Let Me Down," and "Family Business" on a popular rap album was such a game-changer for me.

  • I understand why Yeezus would be a very apt choice, but I think MBDTF is his best. In many ways, it represents the ultimate comeback after he fell from grace with 808s (not that I think 808s is bad in any way, but it was definitely a tough sell) and that Taylor Swift debacle. He spits some of his hardest raps on that album, and the production is flawless. Like @John, MBDTF would be my desert island album.

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    but I low key love "Graduation" the most.

  • MBDTF is definitely his best album but Yeezus is my fav

  • My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    Late Registration
    I love them all tho

  • Late Registration. Followed by My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and The College Dropout. I don't know how to rank the rest past that, apart from that The Life Of Pablo is a certified worst.

  • This list is based on impact on my life

    808's & Heartbreak
    Late Registation
    College DropOut



    The Life of Pablo

  • For me it really has to be Dark Fantasy, it was the album that got me into hip-hop in general. Yeezus was astounding in terms of production and what you can actually do, he smashed the "rules" of hip-hop with it (in my opinion anyway). Graduation still has to be highly rated however, it's an album full of classics.

  • @Alex-G I'm going with 808 & heartbreaks. Cudi was all over the album and it was the most emotional Kanye album

  • MBDTF was the closest thing to perfect we're ever gonna see in a rap album

  • Yeezus and 808s are top for me. I'd say they are Kanye's rawest works.

  • I love all of them but Yeezus had me locked in for about a year straight. Felt like he created a lot of room for hip hop to move forward on that record. The rest are more enjoyable listens, but that one is a visceral display of honest, concise art.

  • Its hard to argue with Yeezus as his most entertaining work. I think MBDTF is the album that has solidified him for years to come but I do go back and forth between those two as my favorites.

  • Please don't forget Watch The Throne with Jay Z

  • Personally 808s & Heartbreak, MBDTF & Yeezus connected with me the most and are my top 3 (Graduation holds a strong #4 spot)
    If I HAD TO narrow it down to the "best", it would be Yeezus.

    @Alex-G I agree that Yeezus is incredible! Sonically it's unique & challenged what a rap album could be. My love for experimental/genre defying sounds was satisfied. The work was pure, raw emotion and ahead of its time. I feel that was his most experimental album. Experience wise, Yeezus is unmatched. The overall theatrical production of it by Donda was insane and I hope that the Pablo tour will be just as great. To @John 's point, MBDTF is a masterpiece. Musically, he gave his all and it showed. IMO he won't ever replicate that but I can dream...

  • MBDTF is his best, but in terms of my favorite, it really varies according to mood. He's got 4 10/10's (LR, 808s, MBDTF, Yeezus) to choose from, it's near impossible to pick one.

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