some guy is rick rolling youtubers with my song lmao

  • Hi there, Pigeon and Planes forums. I'm Pablo Mirena from the New Orleans, LA based collective Krewe of 77. I was featured in a 5 On It article by Jon Tanners back in 2015 and recently have been used as a promotional tool for RJM Beatz' YouTube Channel. "Why?" I honestly have no idea. In the video titled

    "Earl Sweatshirt ft Tyler The Creator - Estimate (New Song 2017)"

    the presumtive viewer is intended to believe they'll be greeted with a new track from EarlWolf upon clicking the link but is surprisingly met with Mondo

    which is one of the two songs I contributed to the article I mentioned earlier. The track features my friend, frequent collaborator, and krewemate Burger (better known for being a human meme machine). The comments on the video are disabled, preventing viewers from asking the songs actual title or giving opinions on it; so I took the liberty of writing my own little post about it.

    Markell and I both love Earl and Tyler's music, but we are not them. It'd also be pretty nice if the thousands of people that are listening to Mondo on youtube were made aware of the content that they're actually consuming. We have a lot more to show the world, and I'd rather credit be given where credit is due. Thanks for reading this garbage. Now go check out my music.

    alt text

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