tanner bananer 18yo bouncy happy tunes

  • hey all, (or y'all)

    my name's tanner and I'm a young guy outta bryan tx, a little neighbor to a slightly bigger college town. there's not much of a scene for music at all here so I'm tryna get my music to people anywhere on the internet I can. I love to create neat sounds with dissonance and chords galore. I'm influenced by softer producers like London O'Connor, Ryan Hemsworth, and anything you'd find on secret songs. I'm working on building some tracks for a debut tape rn & I already have two out that I'm planning to include on it that you can hear right now but I have a few cooking up as well. I also have a nice little press kit built up if you guys need it.

    (I love p&p btw I've found great artists through here like London O'Connor and I love the story u guys did with yung lean he's one of my favorites)

    thanks for your time and opportunity
    all my love, tanner bananer

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