2016 AD..... #Brooklyn Forever

  • 2016 AD is an embodiment of work that mixes the core value of Hip Hop mcs (you know Lyrics with substance & vision) & Blending it within a Modern Day sound (Trap/Alternative Beats) to give the listeners a Vintage feel over New Era Waves...

    Big Ups to All the Gods of the culture that created lyrical blueprints for us ARTIST to pick up carry on from now until... (Bless ups & homage to BIGGIE, TUPAC, Big L, Pun, DMX, Nas, Jigga, 3 stacks ETC....)

    Art work by: Muller
    Written by: Muller
    Mixed & Mastered by: Lee


    0_1485740323845_2016 cvr.JPG

    Enjoy Gs

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