• As a rapper, Ive always been torn with this. You contact a rapper you listen to or one you think your styles would compliment eachothers. Half the time you don’t get a response on the first email. When they do get back to you, the give you a quote for a verse, chorus, whatever.
    You end up paying this rapper (most of the time one with a bigger following) whatever fee they feel their verse or chorus is worth. You send them the track, they send it back to you when they’re done (which can be 48 hours or 48 days. I’ve heard nightmare stories.)
    Now what? You’re holding on to song from an artist that can have 100x (or more) the following you do and you’re $800-$1500 in debt.
    So now do you expect them to post it on their social media accounts? Do you even ask them if they will post it with the fear of coming off uncool if they say no? Is it a cheap win or is it a standard now?

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    I'm no rapper, but I'd hope at the very least, if I paid for a feature, that when said featured song came out, they'd hit a RT or post on their own. If they really fuck with their material, they'd want to do that anyway, I'd assume.

  • I'm okay with it if I think the feature will be beneficial or the artist has the prestige to make it worth it. I'd definitely be hoping they'd show it a little love tbh.

    What blows me is inflated egos from fellow "up & coming" cats. I had a dude approach ME about a feature & then try to charge me $500 because he was "big in his city" and was getting "major radio attention." Bear in mind I'd never heard of dude in my life. I'm glad I was too broke wise enough to pass up on that.

  • @VincentTheOwl

    It's very simple if you work hard on your craft and put time and effort into the art you put out. Then yes paying for features is the right thing. Think about it from the other perspective what if you were asked "Can we do a song together?" would you just do it for free if you really put in the work to be good or great at your craft. In the words of Kanye "Lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers thats a different world like Cree Summer's I deserve to do these numbers" You pay to play and nobody is going to put in all that hard work to do something for free. Cut that man a check and put that work in.

  • @Kizen
    i guess i'm thinking about it like this as well - say I'm a fan of RAPPER A and i set a goal to one day make it to be as big as him, be their friend, make music with them and have an organic relationship with them. i feel paying for that "connection" takes away some of that magic. but maybe I'm wrong.

  • @VincentTheOwl

    I get what you are saying and I feel you, but even close friends in the industry pay their homies to make music. You gotta think about it like " Well shit I wanna see all my niggas win let me cut my homie a check" I've witness this multiple times in a studio out in Dallas. It's not really thinking of it as in I gotta pay this man for music, It's more of let me help my brother strive and progress and give that man a check. At the same time music is a business and you have to look at it from that perspective.

  • If you're doing it just to say you did a song with _______, then that's just what you'll get. If I were to pay for a feature, I'd negotiate the promotion of the record as well. Without that, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Even if you promote the record well, its not a good look if _______ doesn't acknowledge the record exists.

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