Ky Tha King - CT's #1 underdog

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    23 year old HipHop artist and music engineer, Ky Tha King has grown to become a known face in his local music scene after establishing his independent record label 3rd Ave Records. Ky grew up in Bridgeport, CT & Orlando, FL, but it wasn’t until he moved to West Haven, CT where he found his passion for creating music.

    Since releasing his first mixtape “Straight Outta Poverty” with his label-mate, Angel Ka$tr0, he has organized and hosted multiple events in the New Haven area as well as engineer for many of the other local talent in the 3. Ky was raised in low-income environments with little to no resources to survive. What kept him afloat was his love for skateboarding & music.

    After a knee injury that rendered him unable to continue skating professionally, he turned to music to express himself. His music is focused on bringing the attention to the problems in society, starting with everyday problems the hood is faced with.

    After a long year and losing both his best-friend "Dimelo203" & mother within the same month, Ky has come back to the scene with a new collab tape with his label-mate 2Eazy. These are the two heavy hitters on 3rd Ave Records, so it was only a matter of time till they teamed up to release some fire!


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