student 1 - dichotomy EP (feat. Why Khaliq, CRASHprez, Drelli, Nazeem, Shrimpnose) [f4f]

  • What's good P&P fam,

    Minneapolis rapper student 1 released his new EP 'dichotomy' this week. Just wanted to spread some dope music with y'all.


    Student 1's latest offer, Dichotomy, focuses on the distinct polarity created between Student 1 and the other guest on each individual track. Dichotomy features a plethora of Minnesota's top underground hip-hop artists, from Why Khaliq to CRASHprez to Drelli to Nazeem - Student 1 brings out the best in each of them to deliver an intense, yet off-kilter, project from start to finish.

    Minnesota talent Student 1 embodies an upbeat approach to interrogating the questions of life, fusing an oddball braggadocio with meticulous technicality for an engrossing experience that’s equally whip-ready and stare-at-the-ceiling ready. For all the relentless energy in his flexin’, there’s a moment of self-crisis to match it. Student 1 serves as a beacon of light for anyone reveling in their uncertainty, searching for the motivation to persevere through a world that feels set to destroy them.

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