Feedback on my song

  • Lyrics:

    In philosophy Im a ceticist
    Philosophical way of a pessimist
    Cant find the truth cuz its not definite
    Kinda crazy how we been fooled our whole lifes
    That means they told us, all lies
    Nice imagination game, you should have pride
    Nothing real can be threatned, nothing unreal exists
    Modern day illuminist philosophies with a lot of twists
    If you live in your own head, you could fall on an abyss
    Both successfull and loser dont exist
    If we dont resist it cant persist
    Life is easy, but it could become a strug
    If you fall, you could get dirty with the mud
    What I think:

    I think my voice is holding me back, thats the worst of my inventory but it could get better with practice.

    I might record later again.

    Tell me what you think.

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