Unstraight's Hot Single Debut!

  • Opening for acts such as Hunter Valentine, playing the Boston Dyke March and various local Prides, and Unstraight's strong social media presence have brought dedicated groups of Unstraighters to shows for over three years, and the recent single release, "Show Me", has been much-anticipated. Unstraight’s alternative rock with a punch of riot grrl and a splash of electronics never loses its allure--think Garbage meets Sleater-Kinney. Boston Emissions (every Sunday on WZLX) had the exclusive first play of the single, and it has been #1 for three weeks! Listen/love/download “Show Me” at unstraightmusic.com or unstraight.bandcamp.com.

    Unstraight strongly believes in the greater presence of women, gender-nonconforming people, and GLBTQ people in music as there is currently a dearth, and our own all-queer, all-women members as well as many of the shows we put on exemplifies and pushes forward this goal. Our annual BIG QUEER SHOW not only features queer people in music but also works with various local GLBTQ community groups. We are smashing the barriers of the often-heard "you were really good for girls" toward actual equality and a world where we are remarkable for our music and passion and not for the novelty of having women or queers onstage. At our shows, we welcome all who welcome all.

    Music/Shows: unstraightmusic.com
    Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Youtube/Snapchat: unstraightband

  • Very importantly, you can contact us at unstraighttheband at gmail dot com!

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