Not my music, I'm just a fan of these guys...

  • I'm from Texas and have been hearing of so many incredible artists from around here, imo. They're all relatively unknown out of their respective cities, give or take, so I just wanted to share their stuff, b/c I believe in the music they're making.

    D'Shaun (San Antonio, TX)
    I don't how to even begin to describe this guy's style. The closest comparison I could think would be a weird mix of Kanye West, A$AP Ferg, and Travi$ Scott. Even then, you might hear the influence but the music is entirely his own.
    Recommended tracks:
    "What We Know"

    "'06 Acura Freestyle"

    "Contacts" w/ Spec Kay & Ola (

    Woodgrain Caskets (Bastrop, TX/Mississippi, respectively)

    WC is the duo of rappers Proz Taylor and Deezie Brown. They just released their first album as WC this past summer w/ Live Fast, Die Slow. It's like a grimy Watch the Throne-esq type project that sounds more like a black leather jacket wearing Yeezus.
    Recommended tracks:
    "Doubt It"

    "4PLAY" (

    I have a bunch more that I'd recommend, but I don't want to overwhelm anyone w/ a bunch of music.

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